Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CEO Coaching Program

Select Information Gathering, Benchmarking and Coaching Program Launched for Senior Association Executives

(Washington, DC—28 October 2014) Plexus Consulting Group, LLC (Plexus) has launched a new subscription service through which senior managers of nonprofit and public service organizations can match their performance against their peers in a variety of disciplines to be better able to evaluate and improve their skills.  In addition to comparative information gathering and ranking this flat-rate, subscription service includes a variety of confidential networking, research, and coaching services that can be tailored to the needs of “C-suite” executives.

This service is designed to serve as a kind of personal coach and to provide executives answers to the following sorts of questions:

How am I doing compared to my peers?

What are the ways I can get my new ideas across to the board of directors?

What are some new markets I can enter to increase revenue?

How can I use social media more effectively to engage my members?

What are my competitors doing to increase membership base?

How can I make my presentations more lively and encourage overall discussion?

“Such personalized services have been available to the senior executives of for-profit companies for years but until now have been out of the reach of nonprofit managers” said Plexus President Steven Worth.  “We have priced these services at an affordable rate and have invited a select number of senior association managers whom we know well and whom we think would form a solid initial core for building such a peer leadership networking program.

“We have appointed Mr. Suvo Nandi to manage this program.  Suvo has run a similar program for the CEOs of for-profit companies and is well equipped to adapt these proven methodologies to the needs of the nonprofit and public service sector.”

For further information contact:

Mr. Suvo Nandi, MBA
Tel. 202-785-8940

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