Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Approach

by Virgil Carter, Editor

Welcome to the Plexus Blog! Welcome to a new approach to share and explore important issues in non-profit and public sector leadership.

The purpose of the new blog is to provide an electronic “home” to engage and share in discussions about emerging issues, key ideas and visions, and significant challenges and successes facing organizations, large and small, in the non-profit and public sector. The new approach will offer weekly articles by recognized and respected CEOs and senior staff. Each week a new article will be published by an invited author that will highlight an important issue facing non-profit and public sector organizations.

Registered readers will be able to comment and discuss the articles with the authors and other readers. Over time, we expect the blog to become a “must read” for organizational leaders who are looking to share ideas and experiences as a means of learning with colleagues.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that our goal is to attract conversations about key issues with the best and the brightest in our field!

How will this blog differ from the many others on the Internet? Our blog will focus on original articles by invited authors, and reader discussions, intended to stimulate critical thinking and discussion about many of the emerging issues, major ideas, challenges and successes facing association leaders. We’re interested in what lies ahead—the opportunities for leadership and improvement. Our goal is for the blog to be a repository of issues, ideas and experiences that can be shared with colleagues for the benefit of all.

What can you do to participate? If you have an idea for an article, let me hear from you via email at

If you want to share your thoughts, just register and respond to one of the weekly postings.

Welcome! Your suggestions and ideas are invited. Help us make this new approach valuable to you and your colleagues. Actively join us in this new approach!

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Maddie Grant said...

Sounds fabulous - can't wait to start reading! We missed you Virgil!